Sleep easy knowing you have a reliable electrical system.

Flux Electrical

Avoid Electrical Fires

Not sure what's behind the walls? If you are worried about a potential electrical fire, call FLUX now.

No Frozen Pipes

Don't let the risk of a power failure keep you up at night. Keep the power on and avoid the risk of bursting pipes.

Power Stays On

You can't get to your property everyday - it can be unattended for days at a time. Don't worry about the power staying on. We've got you covered.

Stay Safe

Have you ever lost power in your building and the loss ended up causing damages? Get reliable power with the help of FLUX.

Flux Electrical

Professional Commercial Electrician

Planning for future electrical needs of a succeeding business can be a challenge.

Have an experienced electrician help you foresee the future electrical requirements that will power your growth. Regardless of where you are in Cape Breton, we can service all your electrical needs.

We Can Help

A High Quality Electrical Installation Is Essential for the Safe, Successful Operation of Any Home or Business

Flux Electrical
Seasoned Professional

FLUX is Red Seal Certified. Rest easy knowing you have a certified professional on the job.

Flux Electrical
Electrical Equipment

At FLUX, we enjoy helping our clients source the best electrical devices to suit their unique needs.

Flux Electrical
Cost Savings

We do our best to keep labour and material costs down by making fewer mistakes, and not damaging walls or equipment.

Flux Electrical

Flux Electrical
Back-up Power

We can help you find practical and cost-effective back-up power systems to suit your needs.

Flux Electrical
Energy Solutions

Go green with the help of FLUX. We can provide energy saving and efficiency solutions.

Flux Electrical
Accurate Quotes

With a comprehensive and accurate quote, you can be sure there are no hidden charges.

No More Risk

Avoid Damages and the Costs That Come With It

The potential cost of not having power, along with the worry about whether or not insurance covers any damages from the loss of power can be stressful - not to mention the stress of not being able to visit your site as frequently as you would like. This shouldn't be the case.

Sleep peacefully knowing you have a qualified commercial electrician to look after all of your electrical needs.

Flux Electrical

What's The Next Step?

Peace of Mind with a Red Seal Certified Electrician


Submit a Request

Give us a call to start the process for a quote. We look forward to helping you with your electrical needs.


Receive Your Quote

We will evaluate your building's electrical system and provide professional recommendations that meet your budget.


Collect a Deposit

If applicable, we will collect a deposit from you - once we have that we can apply the deposit against the job once we have been given the green light by you.


No More Blackouts

Sleep easy knowing your electrical system is in order and that you have sufficient power to weather any storm. Call FLUX today.

Stop Worrying About The What-Ifs

Be better educated about your electrical system and sleep easier knowing you have a certified red seal technician looking after your site.

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